sitepage and landingpage

Why would I tell?

I have never had a chance to learn this.
But starting it comes from the need to earn income from the internet.

Search offline Search engine ะhis is the beginning to learn.

555 Time is Money!!!  Do you want to do it again?  Loss of / No profit

But what created the page was to create a landing page. Create blog. Create a profile online.

Cost to earn money. But the knowledge returned in return.

Okay I want to be friends Experiment for self-experience.

There are many free hosts. You can create a page.
Landing Pages, Blogs or Databases  that’s free.

I use free / I do not have a stake in these sites.

You can access and practice learning. Or will I ask for advice in what is not enough

Site preview
Or landing my page

If you will support me Please click for free registration on the Landing Page.

profile online

Raise the idea of conquering sales with Landing Page.

I believe that you should be familiar with a site that on one page offers you many alternatives. Whether it’s a click button, articles, the Subscribe button, the Follow button, social media, and more.

On the first page of Content Shifu, there are five options we want you to choose: Subscribe by email, Blog button, About button, Recent blog post. And Facebook page buttons

The advantage of this site is that you will see the overview first. Then you decide what you want to click. But the downside is that everything on the web will be equally important if you have some content that wants to showcase it. Encouraging people to visit your site may be difficult.

Change the color of the letters. Or stick to where it is easy to see. May be better. But it may not be the best way. Because people are still attracted by the surrounding.

What should you do?

Landing Page is the solution to this problem.

If you read this article, finish. And try to use it. I guarantee that your site will change the Visitor as a Lead or more customers, of course, confirm!

What is Landing Page?
In fact, the word Landing Page, if translated directly, will mean that the page of people coming to the page. If it is the meaning of Online Marketing, then Landing Page will be designed. And created to answer something just in one.

HubSpot itself provides a simple Landing Page definition that the landing page needs.

1. Have a form (where to store information)

2. was made for one purpose only

If there is no one in Online Marketing will not call that page that Landing Page.

Landing Page Builder Tool
The Landing Page, which I would like to recommend, is the three leading brands, Leadspages, Instapage, and Unbounce. Of all three tools, this is quite similar. You can create a simple landing page without any programming knowledge. And it supports all screens. But the disadvantages of these three is that it is a monthly price. And the price is quite expensive ($ 25 ++).

If anyone uses WordPress, I recommend to try Theme of OptimizePress or Plugin Thrive Content Builder. It may be expensive ($ 67 ++), but once hurt the disadvantages of Theme / Plugin 2 is this feature. And connections. There will be less than the tools that focus on creating a landing page.

I will not mention how to create a good landing page.

Actually, Landing Page is one page of the site. It was crushed to encourage people to come to the site to see some action, such as email or purchase.

Landing Page technology may be different from the science of building a normal website. But if you try to learn it and try it regularly. Ensure that your website will be topped by a steady increase in sales.

Your eyes
Your landing page keeps track of your followers. Or more sales than in the normal site? I have to share in the comments:


October 14, 2018

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