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Based on our experience it is indeed paying. So far so good. Pay out is every  weekly.

To those who would like to open a free/trial account click on this link:

link 1 : for you live in 6 included locations
kenya, thailand, Australia, Canada,  United Kingdom, United States
link 2 : for you live in all locations

… Once you decide to top up/activate your account for it to start earning, you can make use of the same account you used for trial.

Powerhouse Affiliate Partner Program

Earn Recurring Monthly Revenue by Referring People to Powerhouse Affiliate!

Powerhouse Affiliate has one of the most exciting partner referral programs available online

where you can earn monthly revenue by referring others to the community.

When those people refer others – you can also earn more commissions up to 3 tiers deep plus Mentor Bonuses!

Here is How it Works:


When you Join Powerhouse Affiliate you have access to our exclusive affiliate marketing training courses and additional tools and resources. We also offer a premium membership which contains

ALL of our advanced training courses and live affiliate campaign examples.

You will automatically receive your own private & exclusive referral tracking link when you join us.

Use this link to refer others to our Free Membership, and when they upgrade to premium,

you earn monthly commissions from those referrals.

All of this will be tracked inside your own Powerhouse Affiliate Account. All you need to do is

is get   people to join free, we will do the rest of the work for you.

Let us walk through a typical example.

When you login to your new Powerhouse Affiliate account you will see your own

custom tracking  link   here:

Now that you have your link you can use this link to refer others to Powerhouse Affiliate.

They can join free and learn the business of Affiliate Marketing. All new members get completeaccess to our training forum and the Affiliate Marketing Certification course.All of your new referrals will be tracked inside your own Powerhouse Affiliate account and you will be   paid on these referrals when they upgrade to Premium membership.For example, let’s say you refer 30 people to our free membership and 3 of those people decide to   upgrade to premium.

You will be paid $23.50 X 3 = $70.50 and that is recurring. We pay commissions every Friday! 

Premium members also can apply to our CPA affiliate network where they can earn moneyby referring  people to join Powerhouse Affiliate Free! The CPA network also contains hundreds of other offers including CPA, CPL, and CPC style ayments which premium members can apply for access to.

(Please note that you are not guaranteed approval into our CPA network even as a premium member. Once approved you may also need to submit a ticket with detailed marketing plans  before getting access to the high converting offers).

This is a Recurring Revenue Opportunity! 


We offer one of the best affiliate training programs in the world. As a free member you get access to  parts of our Forum and our step by step Affiliate Marketing Certification Course. This course shows  you the business of Affiliate Marketing, and explains best practices for getting your first campaigns set up. Inside Powerhouse Affiliate you will see how we build incredibly successful  affiliate marketing   businesses!

Our Affiliate Training courses offer in depth raw truth about this industry. Help spread the word by getting started with our Powerhouse Affiliate Certification Course.




As a Member of our TRAINING PROGRAM & PRIVATE FORUM you can earn 50% in commissions for all new people you refer to Powerhouse Affiliate Premium through your custom link. You may also   be paid 10% on all their referrals, as well as %5 on their referrals. Oh and that’s recurring! Here is an example:

The Mentor Bonus program is has 3 levels,and Mentor Bonuses are paid out each month to our Powerhouse Affiliate Partners.

Level 1 – [Powerhouse Affiliate Guide]

If in any given month you directly refer 25 new  customers to our Premium Training Program you qualify for a Level 1 Mentor Bonus – $100.

Level 2 – [Powerhouse Affiliate Coach]

If in any given month you directly refer 100 new customers to our Premium Training Program you qualify for a Level 2 Mentor Bonus – $500

Level 3 – [Powerhouse Affiliate Mentor]

If in any given month you directly refer 250 new customers to our Premium Training Program you qualify for a Level 3 Mentor Bonus – $1000 (See Partner Program Terms for Specific Details)

It is very important that if you promote our offers you follow our affiliate terms and conditions.There are specific rules you must follow to ensure you don’t break any laws, and you continue to qualify to continue receiving payments from us. For more information refer to the Partner Program Terms & Conditions

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June 14, 2018

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