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First, I want to welcome you on “The 1 Dollar Project” system. This is a very simple system that if done correctly will generate you a huge amount of money that you couldn’t imagine. With only a $1 investment. Not only that! I have also included membership sites that could also generate you a Passive Income month, after month, after month.

All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide and you will be ready to promote your version of this site in no time. The “1 Dollar” investment is the key for this system to work. It must be paid to the #1 email address on the list. It is also important to signup on all the membership site that are included in the system. You will not spend anything other than 1 Dollar. Follow the guidelines carefully, be honest and the money will come to you.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Autoresponder, traffic exchange, hosting or editing html file. All guides are provided on this page. All you have to do is follow it.


First, you need to have a Paypal account with at least one dollar deposited on your account. (If you already have a Paypal account, just continue to the next step). On the main page go to “Step 1” and click the link to go to Paypal and create an account.

Paypal Signup Guide

Next, Pay 1$ to the #1 email on the list by clicking on the “PAY 1$ NOW!” button under the #1 email. You will then be redirected to your Paypal account login page. Login to your account and make sure that the amount is only 1$. Then click the “Continue” button and then the “Pay Now” button to complete the transaction.

Below are the list of Traffic Exchange sites that I have included so you could generate an additional Income Stream from this system.

All these sites uses Paypal, so you wouldn’t have a problem withdrawing your commissions.

It is Free to join on all of these Traffic Exchange sites, but to be able to really make money from these sites you need to upgrade your account to the highest level of upgrade so you could earn at least 50% commission for all your referral purchases and upgrades within the site.

You can stay as a free member if you want to, but you will not earn much as a free member due to the percentage of commission that you will get is very low.

I have also included some Traffic Exchange inside the “TE COMMAND POST” that uses Paypal as one of their payment processor. You could also generate a passive income when people joins you on these sites.

You can also use these sites to promote your “The 1 Dollar Project” system.

IMPORTANT! All signups must be done by clicking the link on “The 1 Dollar Project” that you have signed on so that all signups will be credited to your referrer.

(You don’t need to signup if you are already a member of one of these sites. Just use your affiliate link to replace the links when you edit the main page of “The 1 Dollar Project” site.)

Traffic Exchange Signup and Setup Guide

TE Command Post Signup and Setup Guide

Below are the list of Membership sites that we will be using to build our list, host our site and also make money referring other people to these sites.

Below the image are step-by-step guide on how to create an account on these sites.

Lead Capture Page Boss Signup Guide

X10Hosting Signup Guide

X10Hosting Affiliates Signup Guide


How to Edit “The 1 Dollar Project” Site and Make it Your Own.


How to Edit Your Index2.html file.


How to Compress Your “The 1 Dollar Project” Files and Upload it on Your X10Hosting Account.


How to Post “The 1 Dollar Project” On Your
WordPress Website.


Ad Materials that can help you advertise your
“The 1 Dollar Project”.

Helpful Videos on How to Use Safelist and Traffic Exchange to Promote “The 1 Dollar Project”.

Now, here’s the TWIST on this system.

Since we are going to promote “The 1 Dollar Project”, we would like to take the opportunity of creating an additional Passive Income without spending an additional cost. Meaning we will still be spending only 1 dollar on this system.

Traffic Exchange is one of the best place to promote “The 1 Dollar Project”, due to most of the people who uses traffic exchange are income opportunity seekers. Since we are going to use these sites to promote our system, why not take the advantage of creating a Passive Income out from these sites.

These sites are free membership sites. As a member you also become an affiliate, where you could earn commission when you bring in new members to these sites. When the new member you bring buys anything or upgrade their account on these sites, you will earn a commission. But being a Free Member will not going to earn you much. You need to upgrade your account to maximize and really generate a Passive Income out from Traffic Exchange.

How Does It Work!

Once you generate $10 from your “The 1 Dollar Project”, Upgrade your account on “GlobalHits2U.com”. Once you generate $10 again, upgrade the next traffic exchange site and continue upgrading all the remaining Traffic Exchange sites one by one including the ones in the TE Command Post signup guide. Do that until you have upgraded them all. All these sites uses Paypal as one of their payment processor, so you won’t have a problem since we are using Paypal on this system.

The good thing about upgrading your accounts with traffic Exchange is not only you will earn money but you will no longer need to surf for credits to advertise your site anymore. You will have a monthly credits that you can use to promote any sites you want.

You know what’s also the best part of it? You don’t need to promote each one of these sites, you only need to promote your “The 1 Dollar Project” system and all the people that will join you in this program will also join you on all the sites that are included in the system, unless they are already a member when they signed up under you.

You will also not lose a single member that you bring even if they upgrade their account ahead of you. Once you bring them in on traffic exchange, they will be your member as long as they are a member of these sites.

How much you will EARN as an upgraded member on these sites?

Let say, the highest upgrade level of one (1) Traffic Exchange site is $10/month, and they offer a 50% commission. When you upgrade your account to this level, you will receive $5/month for every new member that you bring to this site that will also upgrade their account to that level of upgrade. If you bring in ten (10) new members, that would be $50/month. Let’s say you’ve bring in one hundred (100) new members? That would be $500 every month. And that is only on one (1) Traffic Exchange site. What if you have 10 more Traffic Exchange sites? That would be $5,000 every month. And that is only with 100 members. What if you could bring in 1000 members? That is a lot of money.

These secondary sites are as important as the Traffic Exchange sites. You will also generate a Passive Income out from these sites. These sites are also a free membership sites. You will also earn commission when the member you bring made a purchase or upgrade their accounts.

“Lead Capture Page Boss” has an autoresponder that we can use to build a list from this system. Their autoresponder is free for 500 contacts. You will need to upgrade your account if your contacts reaches more than 500. The upgrade cost is 19.95/month, you will earn 50% commission for every new member you will bring and upgrade their account.

“x10hosting.com is a free hosting site. This is where we are going to upload our “The 1 Dollar Project” page to be live on the internet. This site has an affiliate program where you are going to make money from the members you bring on this site that will use their free hosting plan. You will also earn commission when they upgrade their account to a paid hosting plan. Not only that, you will also earn commission when they signed up as an affiliate to promote x10hosting.com free hosting plan. Click HERE to view the full details of their affiliate program.

A WORD OF ADVICE: Regularly withdraw your earnings from this system in your bank, to avoid Paypal blocking your account from excessive amount of 1 dollar payments.

TIP! Helping other people who uses this system is the key to make this system last. If you join at least 2 sites like this (Not Yours) every month. That is only 2$ per month, so that this system will continue cycling and will never end.

You can share your “The 1 Dollar Project” site on social media. Just click the Social Buttons at the bottom of your site.